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A "carto" is a cartomizer. A carto is a convenient reusable cartridge and is disposable after multiple uses. Your eGo Twist battery requires either a carto or clearo. You fill a carto with the juice flavor you prefer. Carto lifetimes typically last from a matter of days to up to two (2) weeks when filled and used properly. We recommend customers have at least two (2) to three (3) cartos on hand at all times, and we highly recommend using only one (1) flavor in each carto.

Cartos hold 20 - 30 drops of juice, and many customers report a fully-filled carto lasts about the equivalent of 3 - 6 cigarettes. Therefore, a pack-a-day smoker using cartos may choose to carry a bottle of juice for refills as needed.

Some customers prefer cartos - some customers prefer clearos - some prefer having cartos and clearos to fit their lifestyle and certain juice flavors. The tradeoffs are: Cartos produce more vapor, have a slightly bolder throat-hit, and improve the flavor of certain juice flavors.